Eight Lessons Every Sales Manager Needs to be Successful with a Younger Sales Force

Marketing Professor Bill Moncrief researched how social media is impacting sales and marketing organizations, to help sales managers better understand and take advantage of the changing sales world. The selling environment has undergone tremendous transformation over the past two decades. Perhaps the greatest change has centered on changes and advancements in technology. The latest dramatic… Read more »

TCU Accounting Meets Capitol Hill

TCU Mac students traveled to Washington D.C. to learn first-hand the role accounting plays in public policy. Politics and accounting? Indeed. Regulation, taxation, politics and the economy are all vital components in the accounting industry. This August, TCU Master of Accounting students spent three days in Washington D.C. to see how accounting is affected by… Read more »

TCU Accounting Ranks Top 16 and Top 50 in the Nation

If you’re majoring in accounting or going after your Master of Accounting degree at TCU, you’re in one of the top programs in the country. For the second year in a row, the TCU BBA and MAc programs rank among the best in the nation in the Public Accounting Report. The TCU undergraduate accounting program… Read more »

Changing the Way Leaders Think About Leadership

We’ve spent years teaching business leaders to master age-old concepts of efficiency and control. Dr. Mary Uhl-Bien’s research shows that last century’s models don’t work in today’s complex environments. We live and work in the 21st century, but today’s businesses are still based on 100-year-old Industrial Age models. “Instead of concentrating solely on efficiency and… Read more »

TCU Real Estate Team Brings Home the Gold

TCU Neeley students went the distance for a year to win First Place and $50,000 over every school in the country in the Real Confidence™ University Portfolio Challenge. “The real-life investment experience attracted me to the challenge,” said PMBA student Victoria Shlakhter, senior analyst at Goldman Sachs and the only graduate student on the team…. Read more »

Neeley Supply Chain Management Graduate Programs Rank 14th in US

Neeley’s graduate programs in supply chain management jumped 10 places to No. 14 in the nation in Gartner’s 2016 ranking. A well-managed supply chain keeps a business running smoothly, effectively and efficiently. TCU is preparing for the future of supply chain by delivering a top-rated graduate supply chain program. TCU’s graduate supply chain programs jumped… Read more »