Max Krochmal: Preserving oral histories from the Civil Rights Movement

From chronicling the stories of African American and Mexican American freedom fighters to traveling to key civil rights landmarks with his students, Max Krochmal, assistant professor of history, makes the important struggles of the past inform the policies and social events of the modern day. Max is a doer. While many perceive Texas as a… Read more »

Yuan Xiong Lu: Building Bridges Through Music

Since his arrival at TCU in 2008, Yuan Xiong LU has not only brought international recognition to the university’s School of Music, but he has also developed an outstanding double bass program and festival that attracts world-class artists to Fort Worth. Yuan is a dreamer. Born in Shanghai, Yuan displayed a real aptitude for the… Read more »

Sara Brzozowski, nursing major: Swimming Toward a Successful Career

Sara Brzozowski can freestyle-swim a 1650-yard race faster than any other TCU swimmer to date, but she also excels at checking patient vitals and practicing a perfect bedside manner. Sara is a doer. A busy nursing major who is also enrolled in the John V. Roach Honors College, Sara’s philosophy at TCU has been to… Read more »

Andrew Trinh, biology, chemistry major: Giving Back Through Medicine

Even with a full course load of pre-med classes and packed schedule of extracurricular activities, Andre Trinh still finds the time to help others. The Fort Worth native and Chancellor’s Scholar gives back to campus and the larger community as he pursues his dream of becoming a doctor. Andrew is a doer. One look at… Read more »

Meet a Horned Frog: Janekka Colbert ’14, M.Ed. candidate

After struggling through years of school, Janekka Colbert didn’t follow the traditional path to college. Now, she is pursuing a master’s degree in education to help students find their passion and purpose. “Growing up, I always second-guessed myself when it came to my education and what I wanted to do,” says Janekka. “It wasn’t until… Read more »

COE program sends on-site college advisers to area high schools

By Diane Smith Fort Worth Star-Telegram Being high school senior is easy as pie, right? Fill out college applications, look for scholarships, apply for financial aid. Maybe it’s not so easy, but at Haltom High School, there is pie involved. College adviser Adriene Salgado will help with essays, but she also came up with “No… Read more »