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Twin Sophomores Rule The Fort

Twin brothers Campbell and Sam Schaefer are two of four young entrepreneurs who own The Fort Clothing, a local company that specializes in merchandise promoting the city of Fort Worth. The TCU sophomore business majors grew up in the city and bought the business with two friends who also attended Paschal High School. Sam Schaefer… Read more »

University to Test TCU Alert Sept. 10

On Sept. 10, TCU will test the TCU Alert emergency mass communication system, which includes phone, text and email communication, as well as indoor and outdoor loudspeakers and emergency lighting on campus. These tests are routinely conducted to ensure the system functions as intended and that all audiences are familiar with it. The test message… Read more »

How Michael Ferrari’s Vision for Diversity Became TCU’s Community Scholars

The former chancellor’s plans to shift demographics inspired an academic scholarship This article by Caroline Collier was originally published in the Spring 2018 issue of TCU Magazine. When Michael Ferrari became TCU’s chancellor in 1998, the university had been more than 90 percent white since its inception. Ferrari, who came from Iowa, brought plans to… Read more »

Teaching Whiskey to College Students

Eric Simanek, Ph.D., Robert A. Welch Professor of Chemistry and Department Chair, Organic & Biological Chemistry, Materials Chemistry and Drug Delivery, teaches a class on whiskey to undergraduate students at TCU. But after about three weeks, students realize the class is not really about whiskey. Read Simanek’s opinion piece published Aug. 24 in The Washington… Read more »

Real Media Bias or Fake News?

Political scientist Adam Schiffer unpacks the bias charge against the media. (This article by Julie Engebretson originally appeared in the Summer 2018 issue of TCU Magazine.) The issue of media bias has interested Adam Schiffer since high school, when he penned a letter to the editor of his hometown newspaper. “I was responding to someone… Read more »

Innovation: Reaching Out Across Campus

The Neeley School of Business and the College of Science & Engineering are next door on campus, but it can seem like light years separate them. Until one innovative, interdisciplinary project brought them together. (This story by Elaine Cole and Andrea Stafford originally appeared in the Spring 2018 issue of Neeley Magazine.) The Art Deco… Read more »

Understanding Literacy in Kids with Cochlear Implants

Even with hearing corrected, children may lag behind in language or reading comprehension. (This article by Rachel Stowe Master originally appeared in the Winter 2018 issue of TCU Magazine.) Listening and learning go together, but improving children’s ability to do the former doesn’t always help the latter. Hearing problems, even when corrected, can put students… Read more »

Professors Track China-Russia Alliance

A new research initiative illuminates six decades of Sino-Soviet relations to help predict future patterns. (This article by Mary Ann Kurker originally appeared in the Winter 2018 issue of TCU Magazine.) Scholars visiting the archives in Moscow must follow the Kremlin’s strict rules. Permission must be granted in advance, and Russian authorities decide which documents… Read more »

Sophomore Cannan Huey-You to be Featured on National TV

Twelve-year-old Cannan Huey-You, TCU sophomore majoring in physics and astronomy and engineering, will be one of six young students featured on “MythBusters Jr.,” which will air on the Science Channel later this fall. This not the first time Cannan and his older brother Carson Huey-You ’17 have shaken hands with a science star. Both were… Read more »

Annihilating Anthrax With Antibiotics

ClpXP mutation may be key to stopping tough bacterial infections. (This article by Jenny Blair was published in the Spring 2018 issue of Endeavors.) Anthrax has an Achilles’ heel — one that could help researchers create a new antibiotic to defeat the deadly bacteria as well as more common infections. Shauna McGillivray, associate professor of… Read more »