Allana Wooley, writing and anthropology major: Writing her own Future

allana wooleyFor Allana Wooley, writing is an obligation because her characters won’t be denied a place on the page.

Allana is a dreamer.

“Writing is not a choice for me,” she notes. “In my view, when a story presents itself to you, there is an obligation to the characters to paint them out verbally and give them purpose. Every story deserves to be told.”

Allana is the recipient of the prestigious Sandra Brown Excellence in Literary Fiction (ELF) award, which provides a full tuition scholarship to a TCU student who demonstrates both academic excellence and significant potential as a fiction writer.

“Participating in ELF connected me with a community of writers at TCU, which was an awesome platform to engage in conversation about writing and art.”

But Allana’s writing doesn’t just inhabit the realm of fiction. In fact, she has turned her flare with a pen into an opportunity to explore real-world issues. “I like collecting the stories and experiences of real people – giving them validity and permanence by putting them to the page.”

wooley-sidebarThe natural convergence of her talents as a fiction and non-fiction writer has opened her up to a variety of career paths. “I can see myself as a professor of anthropology with a focus on media and education issues, an editor of a regional magazine or small imprint, or a nonfiction or children’s author.”

For Allana, the opportunities ahead of her are virtually limitless.

“TCU has given me the support to explore new avenues and the confidence to know I’ll be okay, whatever the future holds.”

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