“Back to Class” is back!

Five faculty members in TCU’s AddRan College of Liberal Arts will present “Back to Class,” an evening of timely and thought-provoking mini-lectures on Thursday, March 30. The reception for this biannual event begins at 6 p.m. and classes start at 7 p.m. in the Brown-Lupton University Union Ballroom, 2901 Stadium Drive. The event is open to the public; individual tickets are $125, and sponsorship levels range from $1,000-$5,000. Proceeds from the event will be used to support diversity and inclusiveness programming and activities across the departments and programs in AddRan College. Attendees will select two of the following 25-minute presentations to complete their class schedule. For registration information visit BacktoClass.

Three Cultures or One?  Christians, Muslims, and Jews in Spanish History

Jodi Campbell, Ph.D., Department of History

In medieval Spain, Muslims and Jews contributed a great deal to Christian Spanish culture, including its architecture, food, language, laws and intellectual traditions. At times, Spanish Jews and Muslims were welcomed as respected equals to Christians, but at other moments they were fiercely persecuted and killed for their differences. How do we explain these changes? This discussion will explore the historical conditions that encouraged tolerance, and those that led to persecution and oppression.


God and Evolution: Incompatible Ideas?

David Grant, Ph.D., Department of Religion

The idea of God has been around a long, long time, and it’s been of central importance in Western thinking. Just over 150 years ago, Charles Darwin gave new life to another idea—evolution—and transformed the ways we think about ourselves and our world. Is the idea of God incompatible with that of evolution? By looking at 19th-century reactions to Darwin’s Origin of Species, I’ll suggest that the answer may not be as simple as one might think.

What Causes the Business Cycle? aka Warning: Recessions in the Mirror may be Closer than they Appear!

John T. Harvey, Ph.D., Department of Economics

Have you ever wondered why recessions happen? Are they a natural phenomenon? Could they be avoided? Are they predictable? The answers to these questions aren’t really all that complicated if you know where to look. I’ll let you in on all on all these secrets and more on AddRan Back-to-Class night—just don’t let the other economists know I told you!

George Washington: Character of a Founding Father

Gene Allen Smith, Ph.D., Department of History

We currently question the character of our national leaders because people feel they cannot trust them. During the country’s early years, politicians frequently said that the presidency could not be sought nor could it be declined. Why would George Washington heed the call to be the first president, even though he did not seek office?

The Inverted City

Kyle Walker, Ph.D., Department of Geography

The “inner city” and “suburbia” don’t mean what they used to anymore—and in this Back-to-Class presentation, I’ll show you why. We’ll explore demographic shifts in American cities with interactive maps and graphics, and consider how these changes will impact metropolitan areas in the decades ahead.