Endowment 101: TCU’s approach to supporting people, programs and progress

At Texas Christian University, the endowment refers to the long-term investment assets of the University. These assets are invested in perpetuity. Funds enter the endowment from two primary sources: gifts from donors and additions to long-term savings that are set aside each year by the Board of Trustees.

TCU’s endowment, established in 1910 with an initial campaign generating $55,000, is currently valued at $1.5 billion. It is the 66th largest university endowment among both public and private institutions.

Over the years, generous donors have contributed to the endowment, creating endowed funds that support scholarships, faculty positions and other top priorities. In Fiscal Year 2017, endowment income provided for 11.6 percent of the University’s operating budget.

The TCU endowment provides the university independence, stability and a means of achieving and sustaining a high margin of excellence. As TCU attempts to grow even stronger and stand out as a truly great national university, a robust and growing endowment is needed to sustain a competitive advantage and to provide enduring support for critical goals.

In short, the endowment goes hand-in-hand with offering a world-class, values-centered academic experience that prepares students to thrive in a changing world. The cumulative effects of the endowment’s growth over the decades, plus new endowment gifts from alumni and friends, have had a significant impact upon academic excellence at TCU. For example, the University’s U.S. News & World Report ranking has placed it among the nation’s top 100 universities for the past seven years.

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