FTDM professor R. Colin Tait examines collaborative authorship of Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro

9781444338614_p0_v2_s260x420-208x300FTDM assistant professor R. Colin Tait’s essay “When Marty Met Bobby: Collaborative Authorship in Mean Streets and Taxi Driver” has been published in A Companion to Martin Scorsese, edited by Aaron Baker.

In his chapter, Tait examines the unique contributions that actor Robert De Niro brought to director Martin Scorsese’s quintessential films Mean Streets and Taxi Driver and his influence on the young Scorsese. He urges viewers to watch these two noteworthy films not simply as pieces that express Scorsese’s unique vision — but rather as collaborative works that reflect the best efforts of both parties.

Utilizing the actor’s own scripts and notations, Tait ultimately makes a case for De Niro as an integral creative force within both of these films, whose influence went beyond his acting to include writing and, in some instances, directing individual scenes.


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