Kyle Walker Takes the Lead On Broader Perspectives

As TCU launches Lead On, a tangible representation of our brand identity—what we do, how we do it and why it matters, we are highlighting Horned Frogs who demonstrate the TCU culture: that sense of spirited belonging that fuels us to be better, achieve more and have an impact for the greater good. Strong brands don’t happen by accident—they are built from the inside out—cultivated by trailblazers like Kyle Walker. (Seventh in a TCU This Week series.)

Leaders are visionary. They are both learners and teachers. They see patterns in people, actions and circumstances that impact society and work to solve business problems and help communities.

Leaders might wonder how different socio-economic or environmental factors influence heart disease or the propensity for child abuse. Or they might be curious about why an immigrant group resides in one area versus another.

Kyle Walker, associate professor of geography and director of TCU’s Center for Urban Studies, is just such a leader. Walker uses interactive maps and Big Data to explore issues and reveal trends within a wide range of topics. From demographics to economics to public health, he makes faculty and student research available to businesses, organizations and practitioners who can benefit from the information.

Walker specializes in the study of demographic trends in U.S. metropolitan areas. His recent research projects have addressed generational trends in U.S. internal migration, shifts in neighborhood racial diversity in cities and suburbs, and demographic data visualization. Walker earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Oregon, and both a master’s degree and a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota.