LiiNK Project Brings Recess Four Times a Day to Little Elm ISD

Recess 4 times a day? Little Elm ISD says it helps in the classroom

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If your child’s favorite subject is recess, they might be on to something.

A growing number of school districts are adopting a program that expands recess, with surprising results.

photo of children on playground

Recess in Little Elm ISD

The program is called LiiNK, or Let’s Inspire Innovation ‘N Kids, developed by TCU Assistant Dean Dr. Debbie Rhea.

For every hour in the classroom, kids get the next 15 minutes outside for recess. Rhea says it means healthier kids, physically, mentally, and emotionally, and helps them renew their focus in the classroom.

“All these years we’ve been taking away play at playgrounds at schools and coming more indoors for everything we did,” Rhea said. “Right now across the country, we have teachers that just can’t teach because they can’t get the focus of the kids. We’re creating a culture change and we’re shifting that culture so the kids are more relaxed and focused so that learning can take place.”

The Little Elm Independent School District is the first district in the country to implement the program at all of its elementary schools.

WFAA visited Oak Point Elementary School to see how it works.

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