Eclipsing Research

TCU astronomer Kat Barger shines a light on the Milky Way’s origins (This article by Rebecca Boyle previously appeared in the Fall 2017 issue of “TCU Magazine.” About 4 1/2 billion years ago, at cosmic distances that are difficult to fathom, a star collapsed in on itself and exploded. Within 20 minutes of the core’s… Read more »

Preparing Teachers for Urban Settings

Michelle Bauml helps lead the way in best practices for multicultural education (This article by Rachel Stowe Master ’91 originally appeared in the Summer 2016 issue of “TCU Magazine.”) While many beginning teachers have concerns about teaching in urban schools, the available jobs are often in large metropolitan cities. If the fears of young educators… Read more »

AddRan Alumna Honored with Milken Educator Award

TCU alumna Jennifer Fuller was awarded a Milken Educator Award and $25,000 cash prize last week during the Milken Family Foundation’s national tour, which honors outstanding educators each year. Fuller earned a bachelor’s degree in English from TCU in 2001, followed by a Master of Education from the University of Texas at Arlington, and currently teaches… Read more »

Nursing Student Makes Her Mark in D.C.

By Holly Farason Senior Rachel Kellogg is not your typical nursing student. She came to TCU with aspirations of becoming a pediatric nurse, but found she could better assist others outside of a hospital setting. “I started to think outside the box and I felt like there was a lot more I could do for people before they… Read more »

Altering Antibiotics

Student in TCU high school program works on medicines of tomorrow. (This article by Nicholas J. Ferrandino originally appeared in the 2017 issue of “Endeavors” magazine.) Fascinated by medicine and eager to take part in her elementary school’s science fair, Afeefah Khazi-Syed designed a project on the health benefits of proper etiquette. “My first science… Read more »

KinderFrogs Overcome Developmental Delays

Preschoolers with Down syndrome prep for traditional classrooms. (October is Down syndrome awareness month. This article by Caroline Collier originally appeared in the Winter 2017 issue of “TCU Magazine.”) Nya Johnson’s parents did not pursue genetic testing before her birth in 2011. In the delivery room, her mother noticed right away that their child had… Read more »

Jim Chadwell is Taking the Lead on Creating Tomorrow’s Leaders

As TCU launches Lead On, a tangible representation of our brand identity—what we do, how we do it and why it matters—we are highlighting Horned Frogs who demonstrate the TCU culture: that sense of spirited belonging that fuels us to be better, achieve more and have an impact for the greater good. Strong brands don’t… Read more »

TCU Professor Showcases Harris College on the International Stage

By Laine Zizka TCU is making strides in the international community thanks to the work of Dr. Chris Watts. In his capacities as Harris College’s Assistant Dean for Strategic Initiatives as well as the Director of the Davies School of Communication Sciences and Disorders, Watts represented TCU at two European conferences this past September. In… Read more »

Power and Protests

Rhetoric scholar revisits the militant revolutions of the 1960s (This article by Caroline Collier originally appeared in the 2017 issue of “Endeavors” magazine.) Brad Lucas was born right after the Days of Rage, a 1969 spectacle in Chicago where frustrated protesters from the hippie counterculture staged a violent confrontation with police. Even though the associate… Read more »

TCU Social Work Student Named to National Board

By Laine Zizka “We just want to hear you and your voice,” mused Social Work major Abriana Terrell. “That’s the biggest thing that social workers have.” While her passion for social work shines through, it’s her new position as the Bachelor of Social Work Representative in the National Association of Social Workers that showcases her… Read more »