Sara Brzozowski, nursing major: Swimming Toward a Successful Career

sara brzSara Brzozowski can freestyle-swim a 1650-yard race faster than any other TCU swimmer to date, but she also excels at checking patient vitals and practicing a perfect bedside manner.

Sara is a doer.

A busy nursing major who is also enrolled in the John V. Roach Honors College, Sara’s philosophy at TCU has been to just keep swimming. It’s fitting, given that she’s an all-star member of the Division I swimming and diving team, holding the university record for a number of aquatic events, including the 1000 free, 1650 free and the 800 free relay.

Sara says the skills she’s learned as a swimmer have helped propel her through the trials of being a nursing student. “Swimming and nursing school are more alike than people might think,” says Sara. “They’re both rigorous, and both require you to work quickly and efficiently.”

“Swimming taught me the rewards of hard work — how good it feels to reach the finish line. It’s a lesson I keep in mind as I navigate the clinicals, exams and late nights that come with being a nursing major. But I love the challenge.”

brzozowski-sidebarSara picked TCU and the Harris College of Nursing & Health Sciences because she wanted a rigorous program that would let her dive in.

“At TCU, you begin clinical training the second semester of your sophomore year — that’s practically unheard of in other programs.”

Sara notes that starting clinicals early can be strenuous, but it provides a competitive edge when it comes to being ready for real-world nursing practice.

“It’s like with swimming – the more you train, the better you become. You have to run through simulations to be your best.”

After graduation, Sara hopes to work as an emergency room nurse. “I like the fast pace,” she explains. “The pressure to achieve always helps me perform at my best.”

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