Taking the Lead On Business as a Force for Good

As TCU launches Lead On, a tangible representation of our brand identity—what we do, how we do it and why it matters, we are highlighting Horned Frogs who demonstrate the TCU culture: that sense of spirited belonging that fuels us to be better, achieve more and have an impact for the greater good. Strong brands don’t happen by accident—they are built from the inside out—cultivated by trailblazers like Nik Hall and Garrett Adair. (Sixth in a TCU This Week series.)

When Nik Hall and Garrett Adair met as undergraduate students at TCU, it was the start of their professional life. Their first conversation involved starting a business, and today they run Vitafive, a successful company that personalizes vitamins to meet individual needs.

The duo believes that the people who make the biggest impact in the world can see more than just a problem—they can also envision a solution and a way to help people. Being an ethical leader means “there is more to life than business;” at TCU, we want to make a difference.