TCU Neeley is a Top Business School for Research in Premier Journals

In the Top 100 Business School Research Rankings, TCU Neeley stands out against schools of all sizes across the US and Texas for the amount of research published in top journals.

TCU Neeley may be a small business school, but our professors make a big impression with their research.

In a recent ranking of faculty research articles published in premier academic journals in North America among all business schools for the past five years, TCU Neeley ranked highly against some of the biggest schools in the country and across Texas.

“TCU Neeley is a small school competing against large schools creating cutting-edge knowledge, and we are doing very well,” said Bill Cron, deputy of research at the TCU Neeley School of Business.

The rankings do not adjust for the number of the faculty members but are based solely on the number of articles published by each school.

In the Journal of Operations Management, TCU Neeley ranks third in the U.S. and first in Texas. TCU Neeley professors published more articles than Texas A&M (9), University of Houston (13), University of Texas-Austin (14), UT-San Antonio (44) and UT-Dallas (55).

In the Journal of Marketing, TCU Neeley ranks 16th in the U.S. and fourth in Texas after Houston (9), A&M (12) and UT-Austin (14), and ahead of Rice (86), UT-Arlington (86) and UT-San Antonio (110).

“These are the premier journals in the country,” Cron explained. “It is very competitive to be published in these journals. This indicates the quality of the faculty we have conducting important research here at TCU Neeley.”

Journal Rank in the U.S. Rank in Texas
Journal of Operations Management 3 1
Journal of Marketing 16 4
Academy of Management Journal 30 4
Journal of Accounting Research 36 6
Strategic Management Journal 48 5
Journal of Marketing Research 51 5
Manufacturing and Service Operations Management 53 4
The Accounting Review 61 7
Academy of Management Review 78 10
Production and Operations Management 79 5

According to the UTD Top 100 Business School Research Rankings™