TCU Neeley Ranks Top 10 in the Nation for Competitive MBA Students and Administration

According to the Best 294 Business Schools: 2017 Edition, Princeton Review recommends the TCU Neeley School of Business as one of the best in the nation to earn an MBA, No. 8 in the nation for Most Competitive MBA Students and No. 8 in the nation for Best Administered MBA Program.

The Princeton Review doesn’t rank business schools overall from 1 to 294 but does include several Top 10 specialty rankings based on student surveys.

For five years in a row, TCU Neeley ranks in the top 10 for Most Competitive Students at No. 8 in the nation.

“For the fifth year, the Princeton Review validates what we know to be true about the competitiveness of TCU MBA students,” said Anne Rooney, executive director of graduate programs at TCU Neeley. “The ability of our students to maintain a collegial learning environment while excelling in national case competitions, corporate internships and real-time consulting engagements speaks volumes about the caliber of students we attract, and the experiences they benefit from while at TCU.”

The TCU MBA program also ranks in the Top 10 Best Administered MBA programs for the second year in a row, at No. 8 in the nation.

“Our faculty and staff are passionate about delivering an MBA experience that is academically rigorous and highly transformational,” Rooney said.

Princeton Review surveyed 25,000 students attending the best schools in the nation, as well as administrators at the schools, for the 2017 edition.

The TCU Neeley profile in the Best 294 Business Schools: 2017 Edition says the school has “access to and relationships with many top companies, networking opportunities are second to none, and career and internship prospects look particularly positive in this vibrant business-oriented city. At the same time, personalized attention is a hallmark of the TCU full-time program. The school attracts a unique group of ambitious and capable students whose collective experience crosses the globe and many different industries. Despite the program’s demands, TCU is a welcoming environment, where people know each other well and easily become friends.”

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