Ranch Management continues building bridges with the international agriculture industry

Participants from Central and South America will attend seminars and field demonstrations at the Beefmaster International Group Event.

The TCU Ranch Management program is co-hosting a group of cattlemen and agricultural policy makers for a three-day event in north Texas, August 18-20. The Beefmaster International Group (BIG) Event brings together representatives from the Texas Department of Agriculture, Central Texas Beefmaster Breeders Association, U.S. Livestock Genetics Export Inc. and the TCU Ranch Management program in a special presentation for Central and South American cattlemen visiting the state.

1463657_842802735737602_7405587339481498397_nParticipants from Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and other areas will attend seminars focusing on ranch management practices and performance data to help improve their beef quality and distribution. They also will tour working cattle ranches in north Texas for in-field demonstrations.

“We’re thrilled to host this group of international cattlemen here at TCU,” said Jeff Geider, Ranch Management professor and Director of the Institute of Ranch Management. “Our Ranch Management program is very unique and has had a long-standing relationship with Panama and other countries and international organizations through initiatives like the Institute of Ranch Management. We are always looking to establish new partnerships with our other Latin American neighbors and make the TCU Ranch Management program a valuable resource around the world.”

Partnerships between TCU Ranch Management and international organizations have proven to be productive and mutually beneficial for both parties. The program’s faculty and alumni provide organizations with the necessary training and tools needed to succeed in the rapidly changing agriculture industry.

10614107_842802639070945_4823880815706674228_nSimultaneously, these partnerships offer Ranch Management students valuable study abroad and networking opportunities. “These partnerships all over the world open doors for international student exchanges that go beyond the traditional study abroad model,” said Geider. “These are opportunities for TCU students to engage with real issues and make a positive, tangible impact.”

With the world population growing at an exponential pace, there’s a growing need to adapt and improve resource management practices to ensure that food producers move forward in the most effective, economical and responsible way. “We’re educating our students here to tackle these issue through the Ranch Management program,” said Geider. “We hope to provide a bit of that to our partner organizations.”

TCU professors Jeff Geider, Kevin Johnson, and Jason Faubion are just a few of the presenters scheduled during the multi-day event.

“We have a lot of expertise among our faculty,” said Geider. “There’s been a lot of exciting developments in new, sustainable practices that can really positively impact cattlemen and beef producers all over the world. We hope to be a valuable resource for them.”

For more information about the BIG Event, visit beefmasters.org. For more information about the TCU Ranch Management program, visit ranch.tcu.edu.