TCU Researchers Part of Group Working to Boost Horned Frog Numbers

Phrynosoma cornutum, better known in these parts as the horned frog, is the official reptile of Texas, in addition to its duties as Texas Christian University’s beloved mascot. Texas has included the species on its endangered list since 1977 along with red harvester ants, which is its main source of food. The San Antonio Zoo has partnered with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to increase the numbers of the horned lizard and harvester ants and reintroduce them to parts of Central Texas.

Photo of horned frog

The horned frog is the focus of research to increase its numbers. (Bonnie Arbittier/Rivard Report)

Researchers at TCU are engaged in a collaborative effort with the zoo, TPWD and researchers from A&M University to determine the conditions that would best suit a fledgling horned lizard population. Learn more in The Rivard Report.