Kyle Montgomery, theatre major: Setting the Stage for Success

kyle montgomeryWhether he is singing backup vocals for Josh Groban or Performing with the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, Kyle Montgomery knows how to captivate audiences with his musical talent. The senior Nordan Scholar has already built a sizable acting resume and will take his first North American tour this December as Hermey the Elf in the musical Rudolph.

Kyle is a dreamer.

In his hometown of Frost, Texas, Kyle Montgomery was one of just 18 graduating seniors in a high school too small to have a theater department. Kyle was “discovered” while performing with The University Interscholastic League. One of his performances drew the attention of Dr. Harry Parker, chair of the TCU Department of Theatre.

“He happened to show up at one of my UIL events,” says Kyle. “And he asked me to come audition.”

Prior to attending TCU, Kyle’s only other experience was performing at a community playhouse 30 minutes from home and as a youth director at his local church.

“I wasn’t a big theater person,” Kyle explains. “It just happened to fall in my lap, which was a blessing.”

Once at TCU, Kyle fell in love with the department. Although he wasn’t cast until his second semester, he spent most of his freshman year in the library researching the history of musical theater and studying plays and operettas.

“What we learn at TCU helps us be professional outside of TCU, not only in a theater setting but also just as people,” explains Kyle. “The professors teach you networking skills, business skills and technical work behind the scenes – you learn all of that, as well as performing.”

kyle-sidebarKyle currently works as an administrative assistant for the Circle Theatre box office in downtown Fort Worth. He has appeared in several local productions, including with the Uptown Players, Lyric Stage, Turtle Creek Chorale and the Trinity Shakespeare Festival. He’s also worked as an assistant director for Uptown Players and Circle Theatre, and will make his directorial debut with Theatre TCU’s fall studio show.

“Theatre TCU offers the opportunity for students to become well-rounded performers – and well-rounded people,” he says. “What I really appreciate about TCU Theatre is that it’s small enough that the teachers work with you on a one-on-one basis, but big enough that it’s competitive.”

The senior is finishing up his BFA in musical theater in spring of 2015, and plans to continue working at Circle Theatre and performing locally. However, he is open to new opportunities.

“We do a New York showcase at TCU,” Kyle says, where he plans to perform in front of agents and casting directors. “This year’s going to be really busy, and I don’t know exactly where it will take me, but I will be in theater some way.”

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