Undergrad Alumni Endorse TCU Neeley for Academics, Mentoring and Preparation

Who better to trust for a candid opinion of their business school than recent alumni? Ours put TCU Neeley second in the nation as recommended to friends in the 2017 Poets&Quants undergrad B-school ranking.

TCU Neeley undergraduate alumni scored their school 9.83 out of 10 as one they would recommend to a close friend or colleague, in a survey by Poets&Quants, a leading online source for business education news.

“Of the 15 questions we asked alums this year, this one – Would you recommend this business program to a close friend or colleague? – might tell the most about the overall experience of a student,” wrote Nathan Allen in the ranking coverage. “If many people trust the [online] recommendations of strangers for such things as where to eat and where to get your hair cut, a recommendation of a close friend or respected colleague can go a very long way.”

TCU Neeley ranks No. 2 for that question, out of 82 schools. The top five are Indiana Kelley, TCU Neeley, Virginia McIntire, Bowling Green State and Cornell Dyson.

TCU Neeley gets high marks for academics, coming in at No. 8 in the nation, the highest of any Texas business school. Virginia was number one.

For the overall ranking, TCU Neeley ranks No. 35 in the nation. Wharton is number one.

In the alumni survey, Poets&Quants asked the questions below of the class of 2015. Why 2015? “That gives graduates ample time to drive-test the educational experience and alumni network, but is not too far out so graduates would have a tough time remembering specific experiences,” Allen wrote. Nearly 7,000 responded for all 82 schools.

Poets&Quants 2017 Alumni SurveyTCU Neeley Rank
Would you recommend the business program to a close friend?2
Were business school faculty available for informal discussions and mentoring when classes were not in session?2
Do you believe your business degree will assist you in climbing to a new socioeconomic status?3
Was your business school experience life-changing?4
How instrumental do you believe your business degree will be in reaching your dream career?5
Evaluate how well the business program prepared you for the world of work.6
How would you judge the opportunities given to you in the business program to nurture and improve your business skills?8
How would you judge the opportunities offered to you in business program extracurricular activities to nurture and improve your skills in business?13
How would you rate the quality of teaching in business courses?13
How would you appraise the effectiveness of the business program’s academic advising effort?16
How would you appraise the effectiveness of the business program’s career advising effort?16
How would you appraise the business program’s efforts to bring you into contact with practicing professionals, including your school’s alumni network, in the business community?17
How would you judge the business program’s alumni network and connections that can help you throughout your career?28
Do you believe the business degree was worth its time in cost and tuition?29
How willing and accessible were the school’s alumni in helping you connect with potential employers?30
Poets&Quants 2017 Overall RankingsTCU Neeley Rank
Academic Experience8
National Undergraduate Business Program35

The complete alumni survey results are available at https://poetsandquantsforundergrads.com/2017/12/05/2017-rankings-report-card-alums-grade-business-schools/.

The complete rankings are available at https://poetsandquantsforundergrads.com/2017/12/05/poetsquants-best-undergraduate-business-programs-2017/4/.