Veterinarian fighting to save the rhino to visit TCU

photo[1]South African wildlife veterinarian and rhino conservationist, Dr. William Fowlds, will be on TCU’s campus from April 21-26 to discuss the rhino poaching crisis in South Africa. Fowlds will give a lecture titled “Rhino conservation and human development in South Africa” at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, April 23, in the Brown-Lupton University Union Ballroom, 2901 Stadium Dr. in Fort Worth. The lecture is free and open to the public.


Fowlds’ lecture will focus on what is, in effect, the tip of a growing iceberg, involving the illegal trade in all wildlife species. Attempts to understand the issue will require research and thinking that is global and encompasses many species and crosses many study disciplines – conservation, history, geography, legal systems, politics, law enforcement, media, technology, ideology, economics, anthropology, philanthropy and more.


Fowlds has dedicated his life to championing the plight of the rhino through his veterinary and awareness initiatives, as well as exposing the horrific reality of poaching attacks to the global media with appearances on CBS News, NBC News, Sky TV and more. In addition, Fowlds has provided educational and training opportunities for students from veterinary schools on all five continents, exposing them to conservation issues within South Africa.


During his week at TCU, Fowlds will hold several focus group style discussions with a selected group of 22 multidisciplinary students to discuss a “blueprint for survival of the rhino.” Ultimately, the goal is that students will create mechanisms to prevent and/or triage rhinos more effectively and efficiently in the field.


During this visit, TCU will honor him as a global innovator. This award was instituted as part of a larger initiative, the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), which aims to aid students in discovering global citizenship and engage them in finding solutions to world problems. Fowlds is the second recipient of this award.


The Global Innovator award recognizes individuals who engage in groundbreaking work that greatly impacts society in a social, political or economic way, and is someone from whom students can learn. The award includes a $25,000 grant to advance the work of the winner in his/her home country.